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electronic cigarette

No, any vape used properly should not leak. Check that the coil is inserted properly and you tank is closed securely. you do not need strength to tighten your vape, overtightening could cause it to leak. Check that the coil isn’t burnt out A burnt out coil can leak. Also look at what liquid that you are using, cheap liquid or liquid that is too thin may not perform well with your vape, and cause leaking especially with the bigger more powerful vapes you want to be using high VG liquid to avoid leaking. If none of this works ring us for advice or if possible, come in store when we can examine your vape and give better advice.

There are a number of reasons why a vape wont work first check that the machine is turned on. This is a very common problem most machines need to be activated by pressing the fire button 5 times fast and usually then a light will flash, or the machine will give some indication of being activated. Then you should be able to vape. Other than that, the most common reason why a vape wont fire is it cannot connect to your coil. Try taking out the coil and reinserting it securely if this doesn’t work the coil could be burnt out and you will need a replacement coil. If none of this works someone will have to look at your vape in store and assess the problem.

Coils are a very fragile part and they need to be looked after. A coil will never under any circumstances burn itself out. Coils do not last for any particular time they can be burnt out immediately if no liquid is present when vaping. if a coil is ever fired dry even for a second there is a good chance that coil is burnt, and you need a replacement here is a few tips to avoid this

  1. So, from new you will have to prime your coil before putting it in the machine. Priming your coil is when you put a few drops of e-liquid inside the centre of the coil about 4 or 5 drops. (bigger coils will need a little more) then don’t use the vape for 5 to 10 minutes to let the coil fully soak up the e-liquid.

  2. Keep your vape topped up with liquid if a vape ever goes dry it will burn your coil there is always a little bit of liquid that cannot bee sucked up into the coil so don’t let your tank go too low.

  3. Don’t push the fire button unless you are currently vaping on it, when you push the fire button it immediately fires and, if you are not drawing breath through the vape while its being fired you are just burning you coil for nothing. The same goes for when the vape is in your pocket, turn it off because there is a chance of pressing the button in your pocket and burning your coil. If that button is pressed for 4 or 5 seconds on its own, you can burn out your coil there and then.

  4. Using sugary liquid will give you a burnt flavour faster. The coil is not burning the sugar in the e-liquid is sticking to the inside of the coil while being vaporised and eventually it builds up and that burnt taste is not burnt cotton but burnt sugar. If you prefer sugary e-liquid you can expect this as a regular thing.

  5. Not using the right liquid will majorly affect how long a coil lasts. Liquids are not all the same and come in different thicknesses smaller vapes will use low VG (vegetable glycerine) liquids and bigger vapes will use High VG liquids. High VG liquids are usually 70%VG + liquids and used exclusively in bigger vapes that can use that liquid.

While vaping has been proven to be 95% safer thank smoking, you can always over do it look at how much you are vaping and remember that nicotine can be harmful in high doses. If you are experiencing any headaches, sore stomach, nausea or a sore throat. These are signs that you over doing it on the nicotine, and we recommend that you go down to the next strength immediately and see how you feel. If symptoms continue drop down again or come in store and ask for advice or staff a specially trained to pick the nicotine strength that suits you the best.

we do not recommend vaping as an alternative to smoking if you are pregnant. Nicotine has been proven to be harmful to unborn children. So, we do not recommend vaping, gums, patches or any other form of nicotine replacement therapy.