About us

Madvapes Ireland is based in Walkinstown, Dublin 12.

Madvapes was started in July 2009 in Huntersville, North Carolina, USA. Beginning with a humble start from a kitchen table, Madvapes quickly expanded from home office, to garage, to the largest chain of retail vaping stores in the country.

Headquartered in Mooresville, NC the company has begun an exciting expansion across the USA, into Europe in Germany, Ireland and UK.

"Vaping for Everybody" is the Madvapes philosophy. Whether you are a smoker looking to kick the habit or a seasoned cloud chaser we have the advice and products for you. Contact us online or call in to our Walkinstown store and chat to one of our friendly experts.

We are here to assist and advise, to find you the products that suit your needs, we have a large range of starter kits, intermediate devices and Mods plus a section of the best Vapes in the world. Check out Madvapes FacebookTwitter, and Youtube for the latest news and reviews.

Madvapes Ireland


148 Bunting Road,


Dublin 12.


01 - 563 9658