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Get Eleaf GS-Air 2 Atomiser Vape Coil For A Great Vaping Experience

Did the coil burn out? Or, does the e-cig juice taste extremely bad? Looking for a vape which produces exceptional flavour and vapour? Well, the Eleaf GS-Air 2 atomiser vape coil can be the ideal replacement coil to fit in your favourite tank!

The Eleaf GS-Air 2 replacement coils are innovative and newly designed coils by Eleaf. With their stylish metallic appearance, these can help you achieve the highest level of vapour production which you desire. Also known as istick basic coils, these are particularly designed for iStick battery.

Here’s all you need to know about Eleaf vape coils.

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About Eleaf GS-Air 2 Atomiser Vape Coil

Created by Eleaf, the Eleaf GS-Air 2 atomiser vape coil is immensely popular for producing amazing flavour and vapour. It boasts of a simple structure and is made using premium quality Kanthal resistance wire that’s wrapped parallel with pure cotton. This creates greater airflow, better wicking as well as gives you a fantastic taste, every time.

Whether you are a new vaper or a veteran vaper, these Vape replacement coils can create your desired vapour. Also, these coils allow you to get the flavour you want from your e-liquid. What makes these coils the leading choice for most vapers is their impeccable performance.

Specifications Of GS-Air 2 Atomiser Vape Coil

  • Heating Wire- Kanthal

  • Wicking material – Pure cotton

  • Capacity – 2ml

  • Colour – Silver

  • Resistance Value- 0.75ohm

  • Capacity: iStick basic 2300mah

The Vape Kit Comes With

  • 1 iStick basic battery

  • 1 GS Air 2 Head

  • 1 GS Air 2 Atomiser

  • 1 eGo Connector

  • 1 510 connector

  • 1 USB Cable

  • 1 User Manual

Key Features Of Eleaf GS Air Coils

  • Made with exceptional quality Kanthal Resistance Wire

  • Vape replacement coils which stand the test of time

  • Produces sensational vapour clouds

  • Made with superior quality materials

  • Exceptionally tasty and strong flavour production

  • Seamless design to work with the GS Air 2 Device

Compatibility Of Eleaf GS Air Coils

Eleaf GS coils are compatible with a range of devices. These include-

  • iStick Basic Starter Kits

  • Eleaf GS Air

  • Eleaf GS Air Original

  • Eleaf GS Tank

  • Eleaf GS Turbo Tanks

  • Eleaf Pico baby

  • Eleaf Air 2 Tank

Signs It’s Time To Opt For Vape Replacement Coils

Choosing the right coil for your e-cigarette can be the difference between a pleasurable vaping experience and a horrible one. But, how do you determine if it’s time to get Eleaf GS-Air 2 atomiser vape coil? Well, you need to watch out for signs which indicate the need for replacement coils.

1. Poor Vapour Production

Is your existing vaping coil producing less vapour than its usual? Or, are you unsatisfied with the production of vapour? Consider it as an indication of the need for Eleaf GS Air Coils.

2. Strange Noises

When the vape coil doesn’t function properly, it produces a weird gurgling noise. So, whenever you hear strange sounds, consider a replacement immediately. Remember; any delay in replacement can ruin your entire device.

3. Burnt Or Bad Taste

Another warning sign you need replacement coils with a capacity of istick basic 2300mah is worn out coils. No matter what the e-juice flavour is, you will get a burnt vape taste when your vaping coil burns out.

Final Thoughts:

Whether you are new to vaping or an experienced vaper, the Eleaf GS-Air 2 atomiser vape coil is the ideal replacement vape coil. Regardless of the flavour or vapour you desire, Eleaf GS Air Coils can enhance your vaping experience.