Eleaf Mini iStick – The Powerful & Compact Starter Kit

Are you new to vaping or seeking a great vaping unit? Looking for a premium quality mod which can fit anywhere? Here’s a piece of good news for you – You can get everything you need with Eleaf Mini iStick!

The Mini iStick is the simplified and tinier version of the original Eleaf iStick. With an approximate length of 2.1 inches, it perfectly fits the palm of your hand. The build is excellent and is perfect for personal use. What’s more, this tiny e-cigarette can be easily stored in the pocket even while the atomizer is attached.

Here’s a handy guide on this satisfying vape starter kit.

eleaf istick basic

About Eleaf Mini iStick

Whether you are just starting out or need a reliable yet compact vaping unit, the mini iStick is your ideal starter kit for vaping. The battery display indicator on the top allows you to see the remaining charge easily. Opting for this simplified version of the Eleaf iStick allows you to have a pocket-friendly device even while enjoying a satisfying vape. It is a stunning e-cigarette available in various colours like- blue, black, pink and silver.

Who Can Opt For Mini iStick?

Mini iStick is the perfect vape starter kit for individuals who wish to quit smoking cigarettes. Also, if you are someone just starting out, this tiny e-cig can be your ideal choice. All you need to do is know how to refill an Eleaf iStick with an e-juice and make the most of vaping.

Eleaf Mini iStick Accessories

The Mini iStick comes in a small cardboard presentation box. It includes-

  • 1 iStick Mini

  • 1 Micro USB cable

  • 1 eGO Thread Adapter

Eleaf iStick Basic – Cleaning & What Sets It Apart

What’s particularly unique about the iStick basic is that the tank can simply slot into the device. It is held in perfect position with a magnet. Since the tank is isolated from the internal electronic components, there’s no risk of severe leaking damage. And with the tank being completely separate, the Eleaf iStick Basic is easy to clean.

Unique Properties Of The Mini iStick

  • LED Display: Vaping seconds, voltage and battery power are displayed in a circular screen.

  • Power On And Off: To power on and power off, the button should be pressed five times.

  • Large Battery Capacity: Despite its tiny size, the capacity of Mini iStick is 1050mAh.

  • Adjustable Voltage: Press the up and down arrow buttons for increasing or decreasing the working voltage.

  • Low-Voltage Protection: If the voltage goes below 3.3V, the output automatically shuts off. The screen reflects “%” along with “Lo” for 3 seconds ad then display the current battery level.

  • Low Power Alert: If the battery power is lower than 10%, the symbol “%” as well as number will constantly flash.

How To Charge The iStick?

You can charge the Mini iStick through USB port at the battery’s bottom. It will take approximately 3 hours to fully charge the battery with 0.5A wall adaptor. And, with a 1A wall adaptor, it will take around 1.5 hours.

  • Plug your USB cable to the mini iStick and connect it either to the wall adaptor or the power source.

  • At first, the device’s top digital screen will be displaying “USB” for 2 seconds. Then, it will display the current battery level for about 5 seconds. During charging, the “%” level will keep flashing.

  • Once the battery is charged fully, the screen will display “100%” for about 10 seconds and then go out.

Final Verdict: The Eleaf iStick Mini is the ideal vape start kit for beginners. So, choose an Eleaf iStick at once and enjoy vaping to the fullest!