Juice Bar Guide for Making Liquid

When mixing liquids, it is important to realise that taste is a personal thing. No one can tell you what you will like so, when making liquids you have to decide for yourself what you like flavour wise.

  • The first thing to start with is the nicotine and what nicotine strength you want. The way it work is, we use nicotine shots(nicshot) they are 18mg per ml so a 10ml nicshot has 180mg of nicotine per bottle. You will have to divide that number in to the bottle you are using to get your strength. It is important to note that the nicshots we sell are 100%VG. There are other nicshots out there that are different VG/PG ratios.

             E.G. If you put a full nicshot into a 30ml bottle you will have 180mg divided by your 30ml bottle. You will have 6mg per ml of liquid when you are finished.
             E.G. If you put a full nicshot into a 60ml bottle you will have 180mg divided by your 60ml bottle. You will have 3mg per ml of liquid when you are finished.
             E.G. If you put 2 full nicshots into a 60ml bottle you will have 360mg divided by your 60ml bottle. You will have 6mg per ml of liquid when you are finished.

  • Next is your flavour, the maximum flavour concentrate We recommend you to use is 20% of your mix. It is also important to note that all concentrates are to be treated as 100% PG base.

             So 12mls in a 60ml bottle.
             And 6mls in a 30ml bottle.
             A lot of people will use less than this. Again, it’s up to you to decide what way you like your flavour.
             E.G. I personally Like strawberry and Lime, and I only put 7mls strawberry and 1 ml of lime into a 60ml bottle. That’s just the way I like it and it suits me fine.
             Don’t be afraid to experiment with what you like or there is a lot of sites online that give peoples recipes and what they like that can give you an idea of what you might like.

  • Next is choosing the base that suits your vape. It is important to know that these are my personal recommendations. Some other people might have their own opinions.

              60%VG/40%PG is a nice middle ground for smaller vapes under 30watts.
              70%VG/30%PG is a little bit thicker its good for vapes that go from 20watts to 50watts.
              80%VG/20%PG is a fairly thick vape I’d recommend this for any vape that fires over 50watts.
              90%VG/10%PG is very thick I’d recommend this for big vapes that fire over 70watts.
              100%VG is a very thick liquid I’d only recommend this for big and rebuildable vapes like RDA’s and over 90watts.

  • So now that we have our ingredients let’s make a 60ml bottle of 70%VG30%PG strawberry lime 6mg.

              First in is the nicotine so, I want 6mg, so I have to add 2 full nicshots of 180mg = 360mg total divided by the 60ml bottle gives me 6mg per ml.Then we add the flavouring I want 1ml of lime and 7mls of strawberry. Then we work out ourmVG/PG ratio if I need it to be 70% VG multiply your 60ml bottle by 70% gives us 42mls VG and leaves 18mls  PG. there is already 20mls of VG in the bottle the nicshots and 8mls of PG from the flavour concentrate so I need 22mls more  Vg and 10mls more PG. So, 70%VG/30%PG will be the base I choose as it’s the closest to what I want. If I top up the bottle to full with the  70%VG/30%PG base. I will add 22.4mls of VG and 9.6mls of PG and when finished I will have a 60ml bottle of 6mg strawberry and lime that comes to around 71%VG and 29%PG

  • The last step is to shake the bottle well and let it sit for a while. The amount of time to wait depends on the flavours in the bottle single flavours usually only need 2 days or so. Multi flavours need about a week. And anything cakey or creamy (custards, creams or things like cookies) needs about 2 weeks to sit before its steeped enough to vape.
  • As I said before taste is a personal thing. The above is only a guide to help you mix liquids, everyone will have their own opinions on what they like so try to figure out your own mixes and don’t just stick to what is above.

“NOTE: When handling the nicshots please do not get the nicotine on your hands (wear gloves if possible) and do not drink or get any nicotine or the flavours in you mouth or eyes. keep nicotine away from children or pets as nicotine is a toxic chemical.”