Sweets(nicshot not included)


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Five juices bringing you all your favourite sweets for that nostalgic twist.

White Gummy – A mixture of mellow fruit flavours combined to create the ultimate gummy blend, presented as a see-through bear
Milk Bottles – Dropped off by the milkman, a chewy milk candy, mellow and satisfying. A must-have for all the confectionary lovers.
Lime Burst – Our favourite of all the square chews, this super-smooth zingy lime candy will have you pulling your sour face.
Jelly Beans – All sweetie lovers are familiar with this jelly flavour. Fruity and moreish our rainbow flavoured bean beats them all
Fizz Dip – A fascinating cherry and orange fizz, just one drip and you will taste the explosion of candy sherbet on your tongue.


Fizz dip, Jelly bean, Lime burst, White gummy