Vaporesso Tank – The Ideal Choice For A Great Vaping Experience

Are you a new vaper or an experienced veteran looking for ways to ensure a good all-round vaping experience? If so, choosing a premium quality, a user-friendly and safe electronic vaporiser is important. Whether you are planning to start or someone who has just begun vaping, Vaporesso tank can be your ideal choice.

There’s more to vaping than just taking some few puffs for relaxation. It is a passion and habit which gets more intricate the deeper you go. And, one of the few things often missed by both beginners and veterans is their choice of vape tanks. To ensure an authentic vaping experience, choosing the right vape tank is essential. It is here that Vaporesso tanks can come to your rescue.

Here’s all you need to know about vaporesso tanks.

Vaporesso Tank – Your Key To An Authentic Vaping Experience

The vape tank you choose makes a huge difference to your setup. Even though it gets less attention, it is just as vital as your choice of mod or battery. You need to choose a vape tank which can consistently regulate the vape juice. And, choosing vaporesso tank can enhance your vaping experience.

Listed below are two of the most popular Vaporesso tanks you can rely on.

Vaporesso NRG SE Tank

The NRG SE Tank is 22m in diameter sub-ohm tank with a great capacity of 3.5ml. Whether you need a smaller tank with vapour production or a slim tank, the Vaporesso NRG SE tank is ideal for you.

It is perfectly compatible with the new Swag MOD. The tank inherits the twist open design with smooth adjustable bottom airflow system and convenient top refilling. Also, it is universally compatible with the GT core coils. It is these aspects which make the SE tank a fantastic flavorful tank.

The NRG SE Tank boasts of elegant design and can be installed on numerous mods and batteries. With the NRG tank, you can be assured that you’ll never be without a coil, regardless of where you go. And, if you wish to prevent leaking, the Vaporesso NRG tank glass is the ideal replacement glass for your NRG SE tank.

Features Of The Vaporesso NRG Tank

  • 22mm in diameter

  • E-juice capacity of 2ml

  • Large dual airflow slots on the

  • Sliding top-fill

  • Heat insulation layer on the bottom

Vaporesso NRG Tank Coils

The Vaporesso NRG tank utilises the GT Core coil series. When you opt for an NRG SE tank, you will get a GT2 and GT4 coil. While the GT2 is a 0.4ohm coil which works anywhere between 40-80W, the GT4 is a 0.15ohm coil which can work at 30-70W. Besides these two, you can choose from three other GT Core coils as Vaporesso NRG Tank Coils.

Vaporesso VECO Tank

If you wish to take vaping to a completely new level, the Vaporesso VECO tank is your perfect choice. The VECO tank is an innovative sub-ohm atomizer for an impeccable vaping performance. It is ideal for experienced vapers owing to the sub-ohm coils and the higher power needed to fire some of that.

The VECO tank uses the universal and affordable EUC coils which are by far the most environmentally friendly pre-made coils manufactured. With its excellent build quality, the VECO tank makes for a great vaping experience.


Features Of The Vaporesso VECO Tank

  • 22m diameter

  • 2ml liquid capacity

  • Quick, beautiful and safe

  • Adjustable top airflow

  • Completely leak-free design

  • Filled from the top

  • Liquid capacity of 2ml

  • EUC Coil system

Final Verdict:

Whether you go for the NRG SE tank or the VECO tank, Vaporesso tanks are the ideal way to ensure one-of-a-kind vaping experience. However, ensure you take adequate precautions when using these products for the best experience.